How to Generate Sales with Summer Promotions

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For many reasons, summer is one of the most important seasons for building relationships with consumers and driving sales. Consumers are highly active in the summer. The events and activities they engage in give marketers a chance to connect in a meaningful way. Unlike the “holiday season,” summer isn’t about buying all kinds of things for people. To many of us, summer is about experience. It’s the season for relaxing travel and crossing boundaries, which is why it’s the best time to make an impression. 

How Promotional Inflatables Persuade Consumers

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Can you recall a time when you saw a cool promotional display inside a retail store? Maybe you’ve seen a Super Bowl POP display inside a grocery store, featuring a hanging inflatable football display enhancer which reminds you to buy beer before the big game. You might not recall all the details of the last in-store display enhancer you saw, but when you saw it, it tinkered with your desires. Either consciously or subconsciously, it had an effect on your behavior in that store. That’s the name of the game when it comes to inflatable display enhancers. They’re meant to influence consumers to make a purchase even when they weren’t planning on it. The physical, real nature of a typical custom inflatable plays a key role in that.

Benefits of Promoting in Busy POP Environments Leading Up to the Biggest Sporting Events

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Over the years sporting events have become almost like holidays for North American consumers. At the forefront are events such as the end of season “March Madness” for college basketball or “The Super Bowl” at the end of the professional football season. There are also many additional sporting event opportunities throughout the year in which consumers need to be reminded of your brand as they make their purchasing decisions. That means POP retailers should plan ahead in order to maximize profits during the season leading up to these iconic athletic events. Display enhancers increase the chance of catching attention of passersby, and also increase impromptu purchase rates. 

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Boosting In-Store Sales With Inflatables

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Grabbing Attention with Inflatable Product Replicas and Evocative Objects

How do you reach out to consumers and make sure they give your product the consideration it deserves? A simple yet effective approach is to enhance in-store POP displays with inflatable product replicas or attention-grabbing custom inflatables that compliment your theme and brand.