Benefits of Promoting in Busy POP Environments Leading Up to the Biggest Sporting Events

Over the years sporting events have become almost like holidays for North American consumers. At the forefront are events such as the end of season “March Madness” for college basketball or “The Super Bowl” at the end of the professional football season. There are also many additional sporting event opportunities throughout the year in which consumers need to be reminded of your brand as they make their purchasing decisions. That means POP retailers should plan ahead in order to maximize profits during the season leading up to these iconic athletic events. Display enhancers increase the chance of catching attention of passersby, and also increase impromptu purchase rates. 

Sport-Related Statistics to Know that confirm why your in-store display needs to stand out:

  • 82% of Super Bowl watchers will buy food and beverages for the event.1
  • 18% of Americans planned to host a Super Bowl Party in 2018.1
  • March Madness generates a 20% increase in beer sales across the US.3
  • 38% of beer shoppers say displays were important motivators in their purchase decision.2
  • Total Super Bowl spending increased from around $9 billion to $14 billion from 2007 to 2017.1
  • Of unplanned alcohol purchases, about 25% to 50% were influenced by in-store displays, varying by outlet type.5

How to Seize the Opportunity with In-Store Advertising

Even the casual sports fan gets excited about preparing for big games, let alone die-hard fans.  If your business sells products to these consumers, a well-crafted POP display to match the sporting theme with a corresponding custom display enhancercan help you forge an instant connection with your target market and increase impromptu sales of your product.  

How Grocers and Party Suppliers Can Take Advantage of In-Store Advertising

Research shows that about 70% of consumers don’t shop for professional football’s “Super Bowl” party supplies (including food and drinks) in advance.1 We can then assume that a large portion of these watchers make impulse purchases in the final days leading up to kickoff.  Grocers and party supply shops can grab attention by strategically placing displays inside their stores.  Make these displays stand out with custom display enhancers, such as inflatables or inflatable product replicas, and drive consumers to your brand, generating unplanned purchases.

Snack Manufacturers & Brewers Need In-Store Ads

Wholesalers can request in-store displays to help their product stand out in their retailer’s busy and distracting environment. It is estimated that a display for a particular beer brand can convert up to 50% of consumers who were not planning to purchase beer. 38% of shoppers say displays were important motivators in their purchase decision.2 Wine manufacturers also can take advantage of sporting events, since drinking wine is increasing and becoming more popular. We must not forget all of the snack food and non-alcoholic beverage brands that require ways to strategically stand out in the busy POP environment during these times.

These are all good reasons to assure your in-store display stands out with the help of custom display-enhancers.

For more tips on specifically inflatable display enhancers, see Boosting In-Store Sales with Inflatables.

It’s easy to see why marketers looking for an easy way to find more revenue utilize in-store advertising. But how do you make your POP display idea stand out? Whatever object you’re imagining as a display enhancer, Alvimar Global will design, build, and ship it. They can design a replica of almost anything. They can even make giant inflatables as tall as 30 feet.


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