The Brand Boosting Power of Custom Promotional Floor Mats

Today’s retail environments in big box stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores practice clean store policies to reduce clutter and create an open environment. This may be good for consumers, but for big brands that want their products to stand out, this creates a bit of a challenge.

Most stores still allow companies to showcase their products as long as it’s done tastefully and unobtrusively. That’s where promotional floor mats come in.

Because promotional floor mats are low profile, don’t obscure line of sight, and only use minimal space, they are acceptable in nearly any retail environment. That’s a good thing considering a POPAI Shopper Engagementstudy found that grocery and convenience store shoppers spend lots of time looking down while moving through retail environments.  But the real strength of floor mats comes from their ability to attract attention. Promotional floor mats have proven to be very effective when used as stand-alone items. But when integrated with an in-store display – especially one that is surrounded by stacks of products – floor mats provide an extra attention-grabbing element that draws in customers and stimulates spontaneous purchases.

Many people are surprised to discover all of the choices, options, and opportunities for creativity that a custom floor mat offers. With the latest printing technology, companies such as Alvimar Global produce a mat that features a vivid, eye-catching appearance that demands to be noticed. Best of all, they do this at exactly the right place, and the right time, to maximize the message’s impact on consumer purchasing behavior.

If you want to get the most out of a promotional floor mat, make sure it’s placed where it’ll get the most attention – in high traffic areas combined with in-store displays, in front of coolers and freezer cases, checkout areas and aisles.  By coincidence, these are also the areas where a well-designed floor mat can attract shoppers’ attention, leading to more sales. So promoters don’t have much trouble convincing retailers to put your promotional mats where they’ll have the greatest impact.


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