Custom Promotional Inflatables

Custom One-of-a-kind inflatables create visual impact.

Two-dimensional posters and cardboard cutouts are fine, but they just don’t offer an engaging experience in the same way as a custom P.O.P. (point of purchase) 3D inflatable. With our custom inflatable promotional products we offer a real world engaging experience.

Imagine the impact of a realistic looking inflatable product replica of your product at the stores your customers visit. They immediately draw attention causing spontaneous sales.

Since our designs are fully custom, we offer a level of detail that creates an authentic looking representation of your product. Our team creates custom inflatables at nearly any size possible, even giant inflatables up to 30′tall!


Bring your brand to life with a custom Alvimar Global inflatable!

Today’s customers constantly see advertising online or while enjoying their favorite entertainment. This makes in-store promotional advertising even more important. Inflatables like product replicas and brand characters generate excitement and engagement.  You can create more than just a presence, you can create a real-world reaction. People react to 3D characters better than one-dimensional posters and bland promotional displays and advertisements. A unique inflatable elevates your brand into an experience.

Everyone loves inflatables. They are endearing, eye-catching, and affordable. Custom inflatables are a great way to engage consumers at the Point of Purchase and at large events.

Depending on your brand the inflatable may be whimsical, iconic or memorable. Our artists will happily work with you from concept to completion to ensure you get the right inflatable for your needs.


When you trust your display inflatables to Alvimar, you can relax and focus on all the other details of your promotional strategy. For over 70 years, we have provided unique inflatables for brands that are household names in a wide range of industries.

Alvimar’s line of custom inflatable promotional products include product replicas, custom sports inflatables, custom inflatable characters, custom inflatable pool & beach floats, custom inflatable furniture and custom holiday inflatables.

We offer custom-made promotional products to fit most budgets thanks to our competitive pricing and low minimum order requirement. Our streamlined manufacturing process and skilled design team can bring just about any idea into reality. Finally, our rigorous quality control standards mean we “inflation test” each inflatable for 24 hours before shipping it to you.

  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Realistic details enhance your brand
  • Free concept art with your logo
  • Pre-production sampling available on some orders
  • Our ordering and manufacturing process is efficient and thorough

RELAX, we help make your promotions a huge success.



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