Custom Inflatable Product Replicas

Why Choose Alvimar Global’s Inflatable Product Replicas?

Our custom inflatable product replicas are designed with incredible realism and detail which makes the finished product ‘extraordinary’ versus ‘ordinary’.

  • Authentic looking details: Alvimar Global can make custom inflatables to represent any product.
  • Our custom capabilities offer unlimited design possibilities.
  • Any size: Nearly any size possible up to 30′ Giant Inflatables.
  • Available in small to large quantities.
  • Designed to fit any budget.
  • FREE concept art with your logo!
  • Our ordering and manufacturing process is easy, efficient and thorough.
  • All inflatables are “inflation-tested” for 24 hours before leaving the factory.

Product Replicas engage customers and entice sales. RELAX, we help make your promotions a huge success. Call: 616-784-3803.

An Inflatable Product Replica Makes Your Promotion Pop

To stand out in today’s competitive market, your brand promotions need to engage your customers and be memorable. Alvimar Global’s inflatable product replicas and custom-made promotional products offer value and impact.

Alvimar Global knows there’s a lot riding on the success of your P.O.S. brand promotions. We served small and large brands like yours for over 70 years. We learned how to offer innovative products within an affordable budget.

Our streamlined onboarding, manufacturing process, quality control, and delivery logistics are just some of the reasons why some of North America’s most respected companies depend on Alvimar Global to supply them with custom promotional products.

Using Alvimar To Enhance Point-of-Sale Promotions

Brands compete for the buyer’s attention in any store. When the shopper scans the store looking for the right product, they see promotional displays and all your competitor’s products on the shelves. You know that your product sells itself, but first, you need the shopper’s attention. How do you stand out from the sea of products?

Imagine an inflatable replica that realistically represents your brand sitting next to your in-store product display or sampling demo. It enhances your point-of-sale (P.O.S.) promotion and helps build top of mind awareness. People respond to the familiar, and your actual product will feel more familiar after seeing your inflatable replica!

Our team works with you from concept to reality. We’re not your standard “off-the-shelf” promotional products company. Our clients share their ideas and goals with us and we present ideas that will amplify their brands.

Alvimar Global’s custom-made inflatable product replicas are uniquely yours. We can make your inflatable in nearly any size up to 30’ tall. Whether you need it for an in-store display or a large outdoor event we can create it.

How Alvimar Enhances Your Display at Conventions or Other Events

Consumers experience sensory overload. Your in-store display or special event needs to rise above the noise. An inflatable product replica quickly attracts attention.

When people are overwhelmed with promotional messages, they tend to ignore flat 2-D images in favor of more engaging 3-D objects. When combined with your product displays, posters, or brand ambassadors our custom inflatables get noticed and create visual impact.