Custom Inflatable Characters


Why Choose Alvimar’s Inflatable Characters

  • Our Inflatable Characters are colorful, realistic, and affordable.
  • Available in small to large quantities.
  • Nearly any size available up to 30’ Giant Inflatables.
  • Designed to fit any budget.
  • FREE concept art with your logo!
  • Our ordering and manufacturing process is efficient and thorough.
  • All inflatables are “inflation-tested” for 24 hours before leaving the factory.
  • Quick turnaround for your custom character.

Alvimar Global Inflatable Characters can be made in nearly any shape and size and used to complement in-store displays or during big events. Since our promotional products all fully customized, your character will be as unique as your brand.

RELAX, we help make your promotions a huge success. Our artists will design an inflatable that brings your mascot into the real world. Call: 616-784-3803 to discuss your project.

An Inflatable Character Mascot May Be Your Best Brand Ambassador

Bring your brand mascot or character to life with an inflatable character! For over 70 years, Alvimar Global provided custom promotional products to respected brands. One of our top-selling products is our custom inflatable characters.

Today’s customers constantly see advertising online or while enjoying their favorite entertainment. This makes offline promotional advertising even more important. Inflatables like product replicas and brand characters generate excitement and engagement.

You have the opportunity to offer more than just having a presence, you can create a real-world reaction from custom inflatable characters. People react to 3d characters better than bland promotional displays and advertisements. A unique inflatable character elevates your brand into an experience.

Everyone loves inflatable characters. They are endearing, eye-catching, and affordable. Custom inflatable characters are a great way to engage consumers at the Point of Sale and at large events.

Depending on your brand, the characters may be whimsical, serious, iconic or memorable. Our artists will happily work with you from concept to conception to ensure you get the right character for your needs.

When To Use Alvimar Global’s Inflatable Characters

An inflatable character amplifies your brand presence at any public event or in any point of sale venue. Some ideas include:

  • Seasonal or holiday in-store promotions
  • When sponsoring community events such as fairs, festivals, concerts, school events, or parades
  • During school and college campus promotions
  • O.S. displays or in-store product demonstrations
  • Football season, basketball season, or any other time your brand appears at sporting events

Basically, an inflatable character is welcome at just about any event. Inflatable characters enhance the fun and festive environment at fairs, parades, sporting events, and in-store promotions. In addition, they add excitement to national in-store promotions. Since Alvimar creates custom characters in most sizes up to 30’ we can create the perfect character for your event.

Our characters are durable and built to last. We give each inflatable a 24-hour “inflation test” before we ship it to ensure your character will be with you for many events.