Counter & Bar Mats

Increase Top Of Mind Awareness With Custom Bar And Counter Mats

Custom bar and counter mats promote top of mind awareness at the exact moment when consumers are about to purchase a beverage or refreshment. In today’s competitive market your brand needs any edge you can find.

A custom bar or counter mat is the perfect P.O.P. (point of purchase) promotional item for beverages or any item sold at the bar. On any given day, your potential customers are bombarded with promotional gimmicks, brand ambassadors, and product placements. By providing promotional counter and  bar mats you have the opportunity to attract attention at the moment when they are about to purchase or place an order.

Alvimar Offers The Right Bar And Counter Mat Options For Your Promotions

We can make any size or shape bar and counter mat. The best option for you depends on your promotional needs and the planned placement for the mats.

Ideal placement options include bar and restaurant service areas and retail counters. Branded counter mats suit any counter or surface where you want your logo to be seen.

Why Choose Alvimar Global Brand Mats™ and Bar/Counter Mats

For over 70 years many major brands have trusted their promotions to Alvimar Global. Our team works with you from concept, to design, through manufacturing and fulfillment.  Thanks to our streamlined manufacturing process, we offer competitive pricing that fits just any promotional budget. Customers trust their promotions to us because of our high-quality products and our speedy turnaround time.

RELAX, we help make your promotions a huge success.