Engaging Consumers is Imperative for Driving Spontaneous Sales

When a consumer walks into a store, you want your products to immediately grab their attention. There are multiple ways to accomplish this using promotional products that are specifically made for this purpose. One proven category of products are custom inflatables. This type of product offer shoppers an engaging experience which may draw them to your display.

Custom inflatables can be made to resemble product replicas, characters, and just about anything you can think of… and they can be made with realistic details due to today’s high-tech equipment.

One in six spontaneous purchases happens when the brand has an in-store display, according to POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International), a leading retail advertising industry organization. This statistic is hardly surprising considering how people process information.

Why In-Store Displays May Be So Effective

As humans, we are visually wired. The Visual Teaching Alliance reports that 90% of the information the brain processes are visual. This group also found that people process images 600,000 times faster than text.

More than half of the human brain is devoted to processing visual information, according to researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). However, although visual information is so prevalent researchers found it is enhanced by visual stimulation, sounds, touch, and other sensations.

Since the brain processes sensual input so quickly, first impressions count. This is why one reason why custom inflatable products work to engage consumers immediately. Three-dimensional display enhancers fit better with the way we see the world.

Researchers at IQRA University took a look at how size, location, and promotional materials enhance in-store displays and ultimately inspires purchasing decisions. They found the better the location and more engaging the display, the more likely it is to result in product sales for both new and well-established brands.

Tips On Enhancing Your In-Store Displays

Create A Mini-Experience

Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising online and offline. As a result, some train themselves to ignore anything that is overtly sales-oriented. It is almost like their brain developed an internal adblocker. By offering an engaging experience you may be able to catch their attention, creating a memorable impression of your brand, and ultimately leading to a sale. Choose display enhancers that elevate your display into a mini-event. Some examples include inflatable characters or product replicas, games, or interactive mascots.

Consider Pairing Your Display With Sampling or Demonstration Events

If possible, combine your promotional display with sampling experiences and three-dimensional displays. The more senses involved, the deeper the connection. Product sampling or demonstrations give consumers a chance to see, feel, and use your product. This also makes it easier for them to see how the product may fit their lifestyle and inspire an impulse purchase. While it isn’t possible to create sampling events in every store, consider using display enhancers to amplify your presence in-store.

Make It Easy For Your Customer

Consider ways to visually demonstrate how your brand fits your consumer’s lifestyle.
Three-dimensional products, promotional games, sampling, and demonstrations are all just different ways to make it easier for consumers to connect with your brand and product.

In-person shoppers want a hands-on experience otherwise they would choose to shop online. Be sure to offer them a more engaging experience than your competitors.


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