For nearly 70 years many major companies worldwide have relied on Alvimar Global for their custom promotional products. We provide product innovation, technology insights, and manufacturing know-how. If you’re looking for a dependable supplier for affordable custom display enhancers, you can rest assured that Alvimar Global is your best choice. Hundreds of companies large and small have relied on us for their custom promotional products.

Browse 100’s of custom promotional product ideas that add excitement to your in-store displays and large events. If you’re looking for unique promotional products, you’re in the right place. Alvimar Global is well known throughout North America for producing Custom Promotional Inflatables, Custom Promo Floor Mats / Floor Graphics, Promotional Tents, Giant Inflatables, Inflatable Replica’s, Promotional Costumes and more.

We even offer FREE artist concepts that bring your custom promotional product ideas to life, taking the guess work out of ordering custom display enhancers.

Don’t settle for ordinary off-the-shelf display enhancers when it’s easy, and just as affordable to get imaginative, custom promotional products from Alvimar Global.

If you can dream it… we can develop It.

When you need a custom promotional product, why settle for the generic and ordinary? Alvimar Global creates custom-made Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) items as unique as your brand. For over 70 years, major brands trust their promotions to Alvimar.

With options to fit just about any budget, Alvimar is a leading manufacturer of Point of Sale (P.O.S) items including promotional brand mats, custom promotional inflatables, tents, special event displays, and other unique promotional products.

Our artists work with your ideas. If you already have an idea of what you want, share it with us and we’ll work up a realistic concept. If you need help generating ideas, we can provide extraordinary ideas that are proven to create consumer engagement at P.O.S. and large events.

New Products

Promotional Brand Mats™

Welcome guests in style with promotional brand mats. Whether coming or going, these eye-catching promotional mats create a memorable impression.

Thanks to our vibrant, high-resolution printing techniques, these mats are proven to reinforce your brand image. They are perfect for P.O.P displays, in-store promotions, or for leveraging advertising opportunities from high-traffic areas.

Alvimar’s custom promotional floor mats include logo mats, entry mats, display mats, counter bar mats, and in-store display mats.

Why Choose Alvimar Brand Mats™?

With over 70 years in the business, Alvimar has set the standard for printing vibrant, fade-resistant graphics. Our streamlined manufacturing process results in a quick and easy ordering process and super fast turnaround.

We offer competitive pricing and budget-friendly options to fit nearly any marketing or promotional budget. Since we have a lower minimum order requirement, our brand mats are perfect for P.O.S. displays, bar service areas, retail stores, and other high traffic areas.

Learn firsthand why customers have trusted their brand promotions to Alvimar for over 70 years.

Custom P.O.S. Inflatables

Two-dimensional posters are fine, but they just don’t offer an engaging experience in the same way as a custom P.O.S. inflatable promotional product. With our custom inflatable promotional products, we offer a real world, engaging experience.

Imagine the impact of an oversized inflatable replica of your product at the stores your customers visit. They immediately draw attention to your product display, causing spontaneous sales.

Since our designs are fully custom, we offer a level of detail that creates an authentic looking representation of your product. Our team creates custom inflatables at nearly any size possible up to 30′ tall!

Why Choose Alvimar Custom P.O.S. Display Inflatables?

When you trust your display inflatables to Alvimar, you can relax and focus on all the other details of your promotional strategy. For over 70 years, we provided unique inflatables for brands that happen to be a household name in a range of industries including food and beverages.

Alvimar’s line of custom inflatable promotional product display enhancers include replicas, custom sports display enhancers, custom inflatable characters, custom inflatable pool & beach floats, custom inflatable furniture, and custom holiday display enhancers.

We offer custom-made promotional products to fit most budgets thanks to our competitive pricing and low minimum order requirement. Our streamlined manufacturing process and skilled design team can bring just about any idea into reality. Finally, our rigorous quality control standards mean we “inflation test” each inflatable for 24 hours before shipping it to you.

P.O.S. Tents, Special Event Inflatables, & Costumes

Take your experience and event marketing to the next level with engaging custom promotional event display and costumes. Whether you are planning a special event or attending a trade show, interactive display items attract people and stimulate word of mouth buzz.

Create an experiential marketing promotion by combining custom inflatables, games or costumes with brand ambassadors. product sampling, or demos. With our concept to real-world design process, the options are endless.

Create a compelling display using items from Alvimar’s custom special event products including pop-up tents, canopy tents, P.O.S. tents, inflatable games, giant inflatables, promotional costumes, P.O.S. ceiling grabber, and pop-up displays.

Why Choose Alvimar P.O.S. Tents, Special Event Inflatables, & Costumes?

Engage with customers and promote interaction through custom promotional games, costumes, or event inflatables. All products pass quality control and are built to last through repeated uses. Thanks to decades of experience, our streamlined manufacturing process means we can turn around a fully-custom order to fit your schedule.

All custom products meet brand standards to amplify your image with interactive style.

Unique P.O.S. Promotional Products

Chances are your prospective customers are wary of advertising and likely to ignore traditional print ads. On the other hand, it is human nature to seek experiences. Unique P.O.S. custom promotional products bridge that gap between offering an experience and effectively promoting your product.

Some examples of Alvimar exclusive specialty products include point-of-sale coolers, P.O.S. umbrellas, P.O.S. foldable furniture, custom promotional interactive games, and flag banners.

Why Choose Alvimar Custom P.O.S. Promotional Products?

Our specialty products are unique, out-of-the-ordinary products that draw customer attention and stimulate interaction. We accept small or large orders and offer affordable options to fit your budget. Alvimar leverages decades of experience and international partnerships to offer high quality custom promotional items at competitive prices.

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